Hallo!  I'm Sonia.

Welcome to my blog, where you will find recipes I make for my family using whole and quality ingredients, most of which are limited in gluten and dairy, emphasize nutrition, family-friendly and not fussy or elaborate but always delicious! All things homemade to nourish, to indulge, and everything in between.

How My Food Philosophy Came to Be

You can say I am a bit obsessed with making wholesome, homemade meals for my family. But this wasn’t always the case! I didn’t always know how to cook or even cared to learn. There was a decade (plus) when most of my waking hours were devoted to a career as a professional in accountant and finance. My hard-earned funds were spent on dinners out and other luxuries.

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Fast forward to when I became a new mama and realized the immense responsibility of caring for and feeding a tiny human (now multiplied by two).  I had little idea about how to do this but all of a sudden I cared a lot about learning!

So I read up on food and nutrition, cooked plenty of recipes, squinted at ingredients on food labels, stalked the health food store and peppered the staff with questions.  For a time, we went to a naturopath to treat my eldest’s eczema and chronic tummy aches, which significantly shaped our diet, too. My budget got redirected to things that became eminently more important, such as consciously-raised meats and eggs (preferably grass-fed beef, organic poultry, pasture-raised eggs when possible), additive & preservative-free pantry items, organic nuts and dairy products (when we eat it), organic produce if it is a dirty dozen and ideally GMO-free ingredients.  Yes, these food choices tend to cost more but I do my best to prioritize it over other expenditures that are less important to me. At the same time, I think there’s already a lot to be said for cooking any meal at all using fresh and whole ingredients, whether or not they meet those nice-to-have ideals.

The Way We Eat

We eat mostly dairy-free, gluten-free and plant-forward.  That is to say, we eat tons of veggies, tofu and grains like rice, oats, buckwheat and quinoa.  We consume very little dairy products, except for grass-fed butter. We’ve reduced the amount of meat we eat and when we do, it is usually as a component of the dish (like a stirfry or rice bowl) rather than the main event (like a roast).  But that doesn't mean we don't indulge in the occasional ribeye steak, slurp a bowl of instant ramen from time to time or have a bottle of sriracha in the fridge.  We do!  And I may as well come clean about my fondness for potato chips and a sweet treat. As you can glean, the way we eat is not 100% Paleo or gluten-free or vegetarian or some other label but I rely heavily on those diets as templates, drawing elements that work for us. Whatever our way of eating is called, I believe in being thoughtful about food choices, with a strong emphasis on the whole and the good while minimizing processed stuff. 

This Blog

You can sort the recipes on this blog based on what you're looking for by "categories" on the BLOG page sidebar.  I sincerely hope you discover something you like.  Feel free to leave comments or questions - I would love that!

Work with Me

I am a freelance Blogger, Recipe Developer and Food Photographer. If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email here.

Thank you for being here xx

- S

Photo credit:  Portraits By Keiko

Photo credit: Portraits By Keiko

p.s. cyber high-five to anyone who can tell me the 80s song reference that inspired my Instagram handle and blog name  { hint: by a pair of female rap artists }