Hallo!  I'm Sonia.

I am obsessed with cooking healthy, homemade meals made from whole and quality ingredients.  But this wasn't always the case. 

There was a decade (plus) when I devoted most of my waking hours to my career in finance and accounting (I am a professional accountant) and playing with friends until wee hours of the morning like young, hard working professionals tend to do.  My hard-earned funds were spent on dinners out and other life luxuries.     

Fast forward when I became a new mama, and abruptly realized the immense responsibility of caring for, and feeding, a tiny human being (now multiplied by two). 

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My knowledge was limited, so I read articles about food and nutrition, studied and tried out plenty of recipes, squinted at every ingredient listed on food labels, stalked the healthfood store and peppered the staff with questions.  My foodie and designer handbag budget got redirected towards things that are eminently more important to me now:  hormone & antibiotic-free meats (preferably grass-fed beef and organic poultry whenever possible), additive & preservative-free pantry items, organic nuts and dairy products, organic produce if it is a 'dirty dozen' for pesticide residue and ideally GMO-free ingredients until more is known about it's impact on human health.

Moreover, we eat mostly dairy-free, gluten-free and plant-forward.  That is to say, we eat tons of veggies and certain grains like rice, oats and quinoa.  We generally consume meat as a component of the dish (like a stirfry) rather than the main event (like a roast).  But that doesn't mean we don't indulge in the occasional steak, slurp a bowl of instant ramen from time to time or have a bottle of sriracha in the fridge.  We do!  And I may as well admit to my addiction to Lay's lightly salted chips and weakness for a sweet treat.  I'm constanty doing a life-dance within these parameters to stay balanced and well...sane.

As you can glean, the way I feed my family is not 100% gluten-free or Paleo or plant-based or whatever. That said, I rely heavily on those diets as templates, drawing elements that work for our lifestyle and our bodies.  We are not all the way healthy nor are we all the way careless - but somewhere in that spectrum's middle.  Whatever our way of eating is called, my wish is for my family to be thoughtful about what we consume with a strong emphasis on the whole and the good, while minimizing the processed stuff. 

You can sort the recipes on this blog based on what you're looking for by "categories" on the BLOG page sidebar.  The recipes here are the beloved meals I make for my family, most of which are family-friendly, not elaborate and have make-ahead options and suggestions.  These recipes were either created by me, passed to me, or rooted in others' brilliant recipes which I have adapted into tried-and-true versions for my gang (and now you).  Everything homemade by me to nourish...to indulge...and everything in between.  I sincerely hope you discover something you like here. 

I encourage you to leave comments, ask questions or share your cooking tips with me here or at the end of each blog post -- I would love that!  Unless you're a psychopath...then maybe for sure we keep it arm's length ;) 

Thanks for being here! 

xx S

p.s. cyber high-five to anyone who can tell me the 80s song reference that inspired my Instagram handle and blog name  { hint: by a pair of female rap artists } 

Photo credit:  Portraits By Keiko 

Photo credit:  Portraits By Keiko